Prijava za kupce


Geared motor enables simultaneous operation of all heads, ensuring accurate timing.
Minimized motor noise for smooth & stable operation.
Upper thread holder on each head can be individually turned on.
New plate structure and thread way.
Reduced load on thread compared to old version.
Stable thread flow and smooth thread way.
Durable ceramic eyelet on all thread courses.
Smooth thread feeding and protection of thread way.
Special materials were used for major parts (head frame, needle bar, etc.).
Super-precision processing: high durability.
Easy maintenance and repair.
No big drop of speed during high-speed jumps : high productivity.
Prevents unthreading in the heads stopped during embroidery .
Higher productivity.
A completely new structure for presser foot driver.
Convenient maintenance and repair.
New low-noise device.
New structure for X-Frame.
Stronger X-Frame prevents deformation.
Touch Screen.
New design.