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Wings' XP 4 Embroidery software

The new version of eXPerience® (Wings’ XP ®) embroidery software, version 4, integrates all the
latest software technologies along with the newest embroidery machines features to form a robust
and complete software package that meets the needs of even the most demanding professional

eXPerience ® version 4, remains an easy-to-use and fast software whereas the new
3D environment provides a better overview of the design and a more realistic preview, thus creating
and editing complicated embroidery designs becomes easier and more accurate. New advanced
embroidery techniques and many new useful features, such as “Curved direction on stitches”, “3D
effect” and “Circular/Rectangle Array - Kaleidoscope” provide a competitive edge and allow the user
to create unique embroidery designs.

Wings' XP 4 professional embroidery software

Continuous design preview

With the "Continuous design" option you can view the embroidery design you have created multiplied
on the working space vertically and horizontally. The copies of the original image are only viewable
and not editable. This option is very useful for designing continuous designs that are creating
beautiful patterns.

Convert images to embroidery

Wings’ XP 4 has the ability to convert Vector and Bitmap graphic files to embroidery designs
automatically. The only thing that is needed for you is to fine tune the design and send it to the
embroidery machine. This feature can increase your productivity and decrease your effort without
losing embroidery quality.

Insert double sequins to your design

Create embroidery designs by using the double sequins mechanisms and produce unique artistic
results. Fill areas with double sequins or insert double sequins anywhere inside the design with a
single click.

Curved direction of stitches

By applying an envelope with a curved shape you have the ability to apply the envelope on the
direction of stitches and see your stitches to follow a curve. This is a very useful and stylish effect for
your designs.

Chenille stitch type

A new stitch type has been added that allows you to create design with Chenille easily. Also you have
the ability to convert any stitch type to Chenille and give life to your older designs.

Apply 3D effect

With the new envelops that have been added you can create designs with 3D effect applied on
them. Create unique design by combining styles with envelops easily with unlimited abilities on
reshaping and fine tuning the design.